Sollu Footwear has been dedicating to the shoe comfort segment for more than 23 years, with a staff completely involved in the art of producing leather shoes, facing serious challenges and achieving the desired success.

The brand has gained prestige and today stands out among one of the most respected in the marketplace, providing quality and comfort to its clients.

Researching investments, technology and constant searching for perfection are tasks that makes Sollu footwear a synonymous of excellence.

Our lines are bold, developed with noble materials and sophisticated design, we are always aware of fashion trends, allowing you the maximum comfort and style.

The dedication and care which is made a Sollu footwear make our products be exported and recognized in several countries of the world.


The Sollu family products footwear and accessories with excellence and a high standard of comfort and value-added, our main priority is the human comfort and technological development, always respecting our clients and the environment.


Simplicity and humility;

Technologies of comfort

The searching for comfort added to technological innovation makes Sollu footwear a reference in the shoe market.
Get to know our Technologies of comfort and the benefits they bring to you.